Ladies, isn’t it unfortunate when you and your man are ‘getting it on’ and then – the imminent downfall, if it ever rose in the first place. In our circles, it may elicit giggles and gentle jokes. But have we ever considered what he is going through?

Premature ejaculation is embarrassing enough for him. Imagine the torture he has to endure – whether he keeps it to himself or shares it with his closest peer. We, their partners, should share in the burden of such a predicament, both in and out of bed.

Talk him through

Sure, you know what happened. But more often than not, the two of you will slip into denial. The secret is out in the open, yet you choose to put it back in the bag. Out of sight, out of mind? Wrong.

Now that the problem has shown itself, then it is the perfect time to sit down and talk about it. Not just the remedy or treatment he may undergo, but more importantly the emotional burden of his predicament. Assure him that the two of you will face it together.

Choose a remedy

When my man finally let me into his dilemma, we decided to look for a remedy that need not involve instruments poking in any body cavities. We consulted friends, research books, and the even online journals, then consulted our physician.

We were introduced to Enlast, a topical medicine that is composed of aphrodisiac herbs (Muria Puama and Huanarpo Macho) and an amino acid called Arginine.

Muria Puama is a well-known passion potion while Huanarpo Macho is endemic in the Andes, traditionally used by the Peruvians to boost libido. On the other hand, amino acid is the basic constituent of proteins and in this case, Arginine eases blood flow into otherwise inhibited body parts.

It is not invasive, and the minimal presence of chemicals convinced us to give it a try.

Enlast for a ride

Can I just say: Enlast is one very pleasant surprise. Of course, there is no telling when he will suffer premature ejaculation. Still, to have a cure by our side affords us a peace of mind no other medication could give.

Enlast delivers on its guarantee of common and sustained sexual pleasure for the two of us. I strongly recommend that Enlast should be part of any premature ejaculation program. It’s safe and affordable – there is a sizeable discount if you buy in bulk.

At last, honey will not shrink the pleasure and passion.