Suffering from premature ejaculation?  You are not alone.  In fact, a lot of men deal with it in secret.  So how do you choose to face the problem?  Are you going to undergo medication immediately or do you opt to go for the natural ways to treat it first?  Before you take in any chemicals in your body, first learn the best 100 percent all natural ways to treat premature ejaculation and find out that it works!

The human brain is a very powerful thing and if you can tear it away from the pleasurable sensation, you will be able to hold off and last longer in bed.  To divert your attention, you can try to test your math and add the number in the clock on your wall or on the table beside your bed.  You can even distract yourself by looking at a particular source of light such as a flashlight.

Sometimes, men experience premature ejaculation simply because they are not aware of the right technique to go about love making.  Try the stop and start method.  If you feel that you are getting too close and excited, stop for a while first for a breather and start whenever you are ready.  To lower the anxiety level, you can also try to extend foreplay.  Your partner will love you for it too.

You can ask help from your partner.  You will be surprised by how cooperative she will be.  Ask her to press on the perineum and it will surely enable you to hold off longer.

Last, a lot of men do not realize it but they actually experience premature ejaculation because they have a distorted self image.  Hence, love yourself and be convinced that you are a good lover.  Your partner definitely thinks so.

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