Premature ejaculation is something that men experience but try to keep secret.  Sure, when they talk to their friends they tell stories of their greatest moments in bed when the truth is that their self confidence is affected because they can’t seem to last that long and they feel that they are unable to fully satisfy and pleasure their partner.  Well, these are the  tips that will surely help you last longer in bed.  It works for most men and it would work for you too.

First, spend time in foreplay.  A lot of men, especially the younger ones, seem to just want to jump in.  Foreplay is fun.  It pleasures your partner (yes, women just love foreplay) and it also helps you last longer in bed.  The key is for you to know what turns your partner on.  Once you have found the spot, just give her the pleasure that she deserves.  Hence, when it is time for intercourse, you do not have to last very long and you can climax together.

Second, the brain is very powerful and so you must not let it get filled with thoughts of fear and anxiety.  Relax your mind and clear your thoughts.  Tell yourself that you will be great in bed and your partner will be satisfied.  Think positive and it will happen.

Third, know what position works best for you.  There are certain position that just feels too good you will never be able to last.  On the other hand, there are positions that still feel good but you will be able to hold off.  The trick is to not stay in positions that are too pleasurable.  Sure you can treat yourself from time to time but don’t go all out.  That way, you can last longer in bed.

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