There are a lot of tips that claim to help increase a man’s libido and his sexual stamina and endurance.  One of them is by exercising regularly.  If you train your body well, it would not tire easily – something that is most helpful in the bed department.  However, to stay healthy, it is not enough to just exercise and work out.  You need to eat right as well.  The same goes when it comes to increasing your libido.  Aside from exercising at a regular basis, you must also know the right food for premature ejaculation and to increase your libido.

Blueberries, figs, raw oysters, peanuts, bananas and chocolates are the types of food that are said to do wonders to a man’s sexual stamina.  Among all of them, blueberries are said to be the best.

Blueberries are said to have to power to make a man super sexual because it physically prepares him for it.  Blueberries have the capacity to relax the blood vessels, thereby allowing improved circulation.  Compounded with the fact that blueberries are rich in fiber, that means that it helps the body push bad cholesterol out of the system.  That way, it cannot be absorbed and deposited into the arteries.

Remember, the formula is low cholesterol + good blood circulation = firmer and longer erection.  Eating blueberries is one way to target both the body’s blood circulation and to regulate its cholesterol levels.  Without doubt, it is most helpful in enabling a man to perform well in bed without having to take Viagra.

If you are having trouble maintaining your stamina in bed, remember to exercise regularly and make blueberries part of your daily diet.  You will be surprised by the huge improvement that you will have in bed.  Your partner will notice it too.

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