Nothing could be more embarrassing for a grown man than his inability to satisfy a woman in bed.  Sometimes, however, it just can’t be helped by some guys to cum early because they have a physical condition.  Premature ejaculation can affect not just the confidence of the man but could also frustrate his partner.  If it happened once or twice, then she can probably let it pass but what if it happens all the time?  This could put a strain not just on their intimacy but on their relationship in the long run.  Sure, she can tell you that “it’s okay” or that “she understands” but even if she does mean it, it could greatly affect your confidence and that is never good.  Coping with premature ejaculation is possible if you know the simple tricks on how to go about it.  There are even products available if you would like to try them out but what I am about to share is coping with premature ejaculation the all natural way.

You will be surprised with the power of the brain and how affirming words can help you in coping with premature ejaculation.  When you have been embarrassed by premature ejaculation several times, it can be pretty hard to shake the feeling but all it really takes is to put your mind into it.  Did you know that one major factor for premature ejaculation is performance anxiety?  Let go and relax.  Do not be anxious and just enjoy the moment.  Tell yourself that tonight, you will just have a fantastic intimate moment with your partner.  Do not even think of performing.  The pleasure principle works both ways.  If you are having fun, chances are she is too.

Did you know that your position during intercourse has a lot to do with your premature ejaculation?  Did you notice that it often happens when you are on top?  If you are having trouble coping with premature ejaculation then the woman should be the one on top because your muscles are more relaxed in this position.  When she is on top, do not tense your pelvic muscles.  Just let her have her fun – you will have yours later.

Exercising regularly helps a great deal in coping with premature ejaculation.  As we all know, we build muscle endurance when we exercise.  The sexual act relies a great deal on your muscle endurance.  Hence, when you do cardiovascular exercise regularly, your endurance will directly affect your sexual stamina in bed.  And when you hit the gym, don’t forget to work out your abs.  The tighter your abs are, the easier it will be for you to hold off during the sexual act.

Coping with premature ejaculation is possible with proper know how.  Why let it take its toll in your confidence and your relationship with your partner?  Have confidence in bed and have an ultimately fantastic time with your partner without ever worrying about ejaculating prematurely.  Simply enjoy intimate moments with your partner.

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