It is your wedding night. And man, need I say more? The soft lights, romantic music, highly charged mood of a volatile testosterone-estrogen mix, and me marrying the girl of my dreams. Both of us have long waited for this. Birthday suits are on!

Then poof. My not-so-mini-me failed me at our moment of need. No cajoling, no touch, no amount of imagination were enough to, quite literally, take charge of the situation.

Recommended remedy

Fortunately, the wife is loving and patient to understand the situation. I appreciate all the intimate efforts she put in our relationship. I have been looking over treatments and medications for my condition, but most are either too invasive or too unsafe to even consider.

Losing hope? No way! On one of our jamming sessions, my best bud and I got into the discussion of playing up to your potential in bed. Then he mentioned what could be the antidote to my worst adversary. He said: “Hey, I heard about this topical medicine that can enhance performance and even address premature ejaculation. Name’s pretty cool too – Enlast.”

Weighing the options

To suffer from premature ejaculation is more of a psychological rather than a simple physical impediment. So when my friend suggested a solution, I decided to explore such option. After all, I want to be a good husband to my wife.

Most important is to always seek professional medical advice. I do annual physicals, regular check-ups, and make it a habit to consult my doctor for any treatment I plan to undertake. Also, reliable information is now widely available. Still, you will feel more confident if you are backed up by expert opinion.

Safe, dependable, affordable

And to cut a long story short, I immediately found Enlast and its manufacturers a dependable lot. For instance, they list all ingredients on their website. And included in the mix is Arginine, which is a link of proteins that has been proven to relax one’s blood vessels.

I was also impressed when it is not packaged in a glass container, considering the accident of breakage during the act. Since its a water-based cream, it is not sticky nor will it leave stains on your sheets. I instantly felt a different kind of rush when my wife and I put the product on a test run.

Take it from me. Enlast made me a man again.

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