Men deny it and their partners try not to talk about it but the truth is a good number of the male population suffers from premature ejaculation.  Of course they would never admit it especially to their fellow men because of the pride and machismo but that does not eradicate the fact that there is a problem that has to be resolved both for the sake of the man and his partner.  The problem is if no one comes out in the open, then how will the problem be fixed in the first place.  Last longer pills are available in the market but without a doctor to prescribe them or give a guy the go signal to use it, it will not be able to help anyone.

Premature ejaculation is a taboo topic especially among guys who seem to take pride talking about their “sexual conquests”.  Hence, they avoid going to doctors because that would mean admitting that they are having problems and that is a big no no among men.  They are wary of taking last longer pills as these have chemicals and may have negative side effects on their health upon prolonged use.  Some say that premature ejaculation may be a psychological problem so talking to a counselor may help address the problem.  Then again, this would entail opening up about their condition – something that most men find distasteful.  Hence, a lot of men walk around and act as if their sex life is going perfectly fine.  In fact, others would even exaggerate about how awesome it is when the truth is he and his partner both do not find satisfaction in the act.

The good news is climaxing too soon is not a problem that is beyond correction.  It is not even a serious condition and can be easily addressed only if guys admit that they are having problems.  Although no scientific method can explain its cause, there are a good number of ways to prevent it from happening during intimate moments.
Men often reach orgasm too soon for the simple reason that it just feels too good.  Try using a condom with numbing effect to lessen the sensation.  That would prevent you for climaxing before she does, therefore making the act pleasurable for both of you.  If that particular variant is not available, then you can substitute and use the thicker ones.  It would work in a similar manner.

You can also try to enroll in Yoga classes.  This proves not only to be beneficial to your health but to your sex life as well.  How?  Yoga teaches a person self control and with your condition, that is exactly what you need.  By doing so, you will discover that delayed gratification can be so much better than getting things right away.
Last, you may want to try last longer pills or herbal bills to improve your performance in bed.  It will help you gain more control so you won’t climax right away.  In addition, it will help you last about 6 times more than usual.  It is but one of the many ways to enjoy intimate moments.

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