When young men are just discovering about their sexuality, it is almost as if they are training their body to finish as soon as possible. This may be due to the fear of getting caught by his parents and getting in trouble for it. Of course, as a man matures, he realizes the importance of holding out during the sexual act. Prolonging the sensation and pleasuring the partner becomes important. In fact, it is a skill that most men are trying to master. The problem, however, is that most men finish far too early. They just couldn’t help themselves. It is almost as if their habit as a young person is still with them a decade or two later. Hence, they feel embarrassed and inept of their skills in bed – that is the effect of premature ejaculation. Luckily, there are premature ejaculation techniques that are proven to work so men (and their partners) can have a more pleasurable time during intimate moments.

1. In order to hold out and finish last as a good man should, you must learn how to pace yourself. Yes, your body may have gotten used to finishing as early as possible but with practice and proper understanding of your body, you can overcome it. Know that there are 4 stages of erection. First is when the penis lengthens followed by the swelling. Third is having a full erection and last is when it gets really rigid. By gauging your arousal level, you will know when to start taking it slow so you can extend the fun in bed. This is one of the premature ejaculation techniques that won’t let you down once you have mastered it.

2. Breathing is a very important part of the sexual act. Do you notice how you tend to breathe faster when you get excited? Slow down a bit by taking long and deep breaths. This will help you calm down until you finally have full control over your body again. Concentrate on your breathing – it will make you last longer. Your partner will really appreciate you for it. This is among the classic premature ejaculation techniques that have always been part of the book.

3. Last, you must recognize that you premature ejaculation problems. Most men live in denial so they keep it to themselves and talk to no one about it – even their partner when it is a known fact that she is fully aware of what you are going through. Ask her for help – don’t hesitate to do so and one way that she can help you is by gently pressing on your perineum (located in between the scrotum and the anus). You see, this is linked to your prostate gland which is responsible for releasing the ejaculation fluid. By applying pressure, you can delay your ejaculation moment and lengthen your time of intimacy with her.

You don’t need doctors or pills to overcome your premature ejaculation problem. All you need is to follow these 3 simple techniques.

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