Isn’t it amusing that in the past, boys would be in a hurry to ejaculate and find release? This is pretty normal among adolescence who want to get it over and done with before mommy marches in his room and finds out what in the world he has been doing. As boys mature and turn into men, however, things start to change and somehow controlling themselves and having prolonged ejaculation is the mark of a true man. This is probably due to the fact that when guys age, there is another person involved and deserves to have pleasure instead of just himself – his partner. The only way for a woman to feel fully satisfied is when she peaks before her man does. If you are a guy who is experiencing premature ejaculation, then it is not just your ego who is suffering but her satisfaction too.

Why is it important for men to experience prolonged ejaculation during the sexual act? To begin with, his confidence relies greatly on it. Come on, you may be a top notch executive or the best person in your field but if you are no good in bed, somehow all your other accomplishments just do not seem to measure up. That is why it is very important for you to recognize your problem if you are experiencing premature ejaculation. That is the only way for you to do something about it.

Another important reason (aside from a guy’s ego) why prolonged ejaculation is a must is for the obvious reason that no one wants to be selfish in bed. If you finish before your girl does, well, that’s about it for her too. Now she may seem all understanding and tell you that she is totally fine with it (which of course makes you feel even worse), believe me, she will not be so understanding in the long run. The reason is she will eventually feel that you are only using her for you own pleasure without caring at all about hers. For women, the act of sex is something more than just physical. It is deeply rooted in their emotions. You would not want to hurt her feelings, would you?

Those are but a few of the reasons why it is a must for you to know the tricks of prolonged ejaculation. That way, you can maximize your pleasure while fully satisfying your partner. For married couples who are trying to have a baby, the act of sex will no longer feel like a chore. It will become a mutually pleasurable and very intimate experience for you and your spouse. Now who would say no to that.

If you are having trouble with premature ejaculation then it is important for you to seek help. Seeing a doctor never hurts although there are a lot of remedies that you can try online. Start working towards prolonged ejaculation because it is the key to your partner’s satisfaction and yours too!

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