We are well aware that sex is an important part of in the life of both men and women.  It is also no secret that between the 2 genders, men are more sexually inclined than women.  Although there is no scientific evidence to this, it may be due to the fact that sexual enjoyment is greatly dependent on men and their performance in bed.  If intimacy is like a dance, then it is very similar to ballroom dancing wherein the male takes the lead and the woman gracefully follows.  Because of this responsibility, a lot of men find themselves having insecurities in the “bed department”.  This is even more heightened by the fact that a good number of men experience premature ejaculation during intercourse.  This is a problem that does not seem to be so prominent primarily because it is often kept a secret.  Still the problem is present and so a solution is called for.  Thankfully, there is Enlast Cream – the answer to premature ejaculation.

Enlast Cream is a man’s secret weapon to last longer in bed, have prolonged erections, stop premature ejaculation and increase stamina during the sexual act.  It even works as a lubricant so it has that aspect covered too.  It is an aphrodisiac solution that is available in the market that works better than creams, pills and other products that claim to have a similar effect.  It lessens the sensation of the male organ even as it increases the libido to stretch the pleasure of intimate moments before hitting the climax.

So why use Enlast Cream over other similar products in the market?  The first reason is that it is safe.  Because it is a hundred percent all natural, you don’t have to worry about the negative side effects that could be present in chemically induced erectile dysfunction products.  It works in a topical manner so unlike oral medication, you don’t have to worry about the cream damaging your internal organs.

Second, it effectively delays your orgasm, thereby saving you the embarrassing experience of climaxing before she does.  You no longer have to appear like you don’t’ have control over yourself and your body.  In a nutshell, using Enlast would save or regain you your pride and put your so called Machismo in a different level.

Third, one of the major points of sex is pleasure and intimacy.  Can you imagine what kind of sexual experience it would be if she never climaxed because you got there far too soon?  A man should know how to satisfy his woman on and off the bed.  Hence, if you are suffering from premature ejaculation them you have to address the problem as soon as possible for your sake and for her sake as well.

Last, Enlast Cream was created to help you and your partner enjoy intimate moments.  By doing so, you will both be satisfied with longer hours in bed, more intense climax and ultimately, a significantly improved sexual experience.

Enlast Cream understands your manly concerns and so it was specially formulated to address your concerns.  Give it a try now!

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