If you are ashamed and mortified that you keep on ejaculating prematurely, don’t worry.  It is a common sexual dysfunction among men and can be cured.  You do not have to suffer from it for a lifetime.  In fact, almost 80 percent of the male population have suffered or are experiencing premature ejaculation.  Most of them are in their forties.  You are not a freak who keeps on getting embarrassed in bed while other guys are totally swinging it.  One thing you must understand about premature ejaculation is its causes.  There are 5 main causes of premature ejaculation.  First would be the fact that a lot of guys are not fully aware of how their body works.  Second, they are extremely sensitive to stimulation.  Third, premature ejaculation can be genetic.  Fourth, maybe the sexual act was so intense so you weren’t able to hold off.  Last, studies show that guys who masturbated too much as teenagers are more prone to premature ejaculation.  Now that you know the causes, one question stands: is premature ejaculation curable?

The answer is YES!  There is a cure for premature ejaculation.  In fact, all you need to do is take a quick trip to the drug store and there is a wide array of products that are supposed to help men with their ejaculation problems, however if you want to try natural methods, you can do that too.  Is premature ejaculation curable through natural means?  Take note that the methods I am about to share is more about establishing control over your body.  It will not directly treat your condition but it should help a great deal in prolonging the pleasure in bed.

The most basic thing that you should know in order to stop premature ejaculation is to master the art of breathing.  Long and deep breathes help men calm down and relax.  This is important before you engage in the sexual act (do not get too excited!) and when you feel that you are already close.

You may also want to engage in foreplay instead of just jumping right into it.  Your partner will love you too as women are big on foreplay.  It will also make the act more fun and pleasurable with all the teasing.

When you feel that you are close and you not ready to end the moment just yet, you may want to try to divert your mind when you feel that you are close.  That will help you calm down and have better things to look forward to in a little while.

If the sensation is just too much and you feel that you won’t be able to hold off, you may want to stop completely.  You can pleasure your partner using other means for now and resume what you are doing when you are ready.

Is premature ejaculation curable?  Totally!  But first you must accept that there is a problem that must be addressed.  Only then can you do something about it and enjoy the sexual act to the fullest.

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