A lot of misconceptions surround the occurrence of premature ejaculation. In simple terms, it means that men could not hold on long enough to reach mutual satisfaction for both parties. Men regard it as a fate worse than death, and women are clueless about it that more often than not they cannot be of big help to their partners.

For the medical community, delayed ejaculation treatment is a combination of psychological and physical solutions. Below are some do-it-yourself (DIY) methods that have been culled from premature ejaculation reviews, including peers and expert opinion.

1. Nutrition

We are what we eat. A good and healthy mix of protein and carbohydrates, topped off with a lot of greens and colorful fruits, makes for a potent artillery.

2. Physical activity

Exercise is basically stimulation. In fact, a couple who exercises together can excite each other to no end.

3. Mood

At times, romantic candlelight can do the trick and other times, no foreplay is necessary. Learn to be in control of the situation.

4. Pleasure techniques

But then again, a big chunk of adult males, around 30 to 70 percent, experience ‘coming off too soon.’ Even if it’s not a serious medical condition, it is definitely a big impediment to what could be a night of fun and passion.

Still, all is not lost.  As shown in this list, a delayed ejaculation treatment can be as simple as a DIY project. We are all equipped with the tools and mindset to at least control such a demeaning bodily reaction. In fact, several pleasure techniques are available to heighten the pleasure of you and your partner.

One of the most popular is a water-based cream called Enlast. The name itself suggests the prolonging of pleasure, as it can function as an ejaculation cure as well as a lubricant. Its greatest claim to fame is the promise of thrill and delight to both the man and woman.

It goes without question that with Enlast, an erect penis will stay in such formidable position a little longer. This ability increases the chances of powerful and successive orgasms. Basically an aphrodisiac, the added lubrication greatly aids to your intense performance.

But how safe it is? A combination of herbal and amino acids points to a lower chance of negative chemical reactions. Since it is not ingested, Enlast will not stay in one’s bloodstream.

Premature ejaculation is not a hopeless case. You can even do a DIY delayed ejaculation treatment!

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